as evidenced by the all lower-case, my typing ability is currently hindered.

why? you might ask

because i have 4 or 5 stitches in my left hand. and thus have it wrapped up, and can't use it. much.

what happened? i was washing dishes yesterday, when a bowl slipped. my first reaction was to try to catch it...

i didn't see that it had already hit the counter and broken...

i did catch it...right in the palm. pointy end first.

this is the deepest cut i've ever had...i've never needed stitches for an injury before ( i had them when i had a couple of moles removed sophomore year). it should be ok, but...

i have a math test tomorrow. i have a take-home part i need to do now. i have a 3-page chinese paprer due tues. and i can'tr fucking write.

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Just found out that Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun-fat are teaming up again, this time in a movie about the life of Mulan. (Yes, the Mulan from the Disney movie. Yes, she is an actual Chinese heroine.)

Also, the guy from "My Sassy Girl" (aka "My Sassy Girlfriend", a REALLY good Korean romantic comedy) is going to be in another version of it.

I hope they're good. Wee!

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We play D&D tonight! Hooray!

In other news, I need to write more. If only to write the stories for characters I/others play in RPGs. Though that always feels like cheating to me.

And so on, and so on...

I'm sure there are all sorts of things I could be updating about. But they always slip my mind.

Not doing much right now. A little before getting ready lull. Which is cool.

What's going on...

Well, yesterday was Shelly and I's anniversary. We went out to Little Italy for dinner, and just goofed off around Cleveland for a bit. it was nice.

The weekend in coming up. And it's Carpe! Whoo!

That's about it.

Oh, and making some plans for wedding. Very important.

And grad school. Also very important.

Shelly and I are considering moving back to Louisville after Oberlin to study. UK has a diplomacy school, and UofL has Poli Sci. And they'll both be FAR cheaper than anywhere out of state.

Just looking, now, though.
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OK, we were gone all weekend. We finally got back at 11 last night, just in time for the storm. We collapsed for a few hours, only to be woken up at 4:30 by the gigantic thunderstorm.

Then, around 5:20, we found out that there was a tornado warning for Lorain and Cuyahoga counties. We then spent an hour in the basement. Which had standing water.

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I haven't updated in a while...so here goes.

Work continues, shelving, rearranging, shifting, searching, etc. bleah.

We did get half a day off yesterday, which was VERY nice.


In terms of gaming, we've joined the Carpe Noctum Live-Action Vampire game. It was fun, and the people there weren't god-awful, angst-ridden, teenagers. They were mostly adults, and cool.


Time to go. Love to all.

Haven't updated in a awhile

Things go on. Pretty boring, really.

The only exciting things are hanging out with Chris, Danya, Anya, etc. And the D&D. That's fun.

Speaking of...I'm DMing now. Whoo! Only a few adventures so far (I REALLY need to work on the next one), but...

OK, I love you, bye-bye.
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Don't really have that much to say...summer continues. Work is boring. We're slowly settling into our house.

My anxiety is (slowly) going away. It gets a little less each day.

And my computer should be back soon!! Yay!!